Ecommerce and online shop translation services

I work with a variety of clients from within the ecommerce sector.

You want to sell your articles online to German speaking customers, then use my translation and localization services. Don’t simply assume that all Germans are comfortable in English. The English language can be a barrier which will induces them to turn to a German online catalogue instead. Your customers want to know not only what they can buy, the sizes and the costs, but also the terms and conditions which apply. Not only will I support your advertising and marketing efforts but I will also see to it that the transaction runs smoothly. The best customers are returning customers.

Types of text:

  • Product descriptions

  • Marketing texts

  • Terms and conditions

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Here you will find an overview of my translated works.

Request for quotation

Take the first step to grow your business using my professional ecommerce and online shop translation services.

My prices vary depending on the type of service needed, the type of document, style, technical competencies required, ect. If you want to have a quote, please send me an request stating:

  • volume of text (number of words)
  • type of text
  • kind of work required (translating from … into… or copy-writing or proofreading or editing)
  • stylistic level
  • date and hour of delivery

Please, also send me a text sample. I shall get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. Thank you!

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