Translating is my passion

I am a translator, writer, and editor – all in one – and my target is to deliver professional translation services which will help you sell your product to German clients.

Translation and transcreation from English and French into German

A translation does so much more than a good computer program– it captures the meaning and re-creates all the facets and emotion of the original text. With commercial texts in particular, this means localizing a marketing message for your German customers. Trust me. You will not be disappointed.

Proofreading and optimizing German texts

You want to sell your products in Germany? Your copy is well written and understandable but in German lacks that certain something. Let me refine the vocabulary, style, grammar, syntax, and orthography of your business documents. I know which words will appeal to your German customers.

Proofreading and editing of translations

Not satisfied with a translation, need someone to take a second look? As an experienced translator, I can render any translation as good as the original text – sometimes even better.

Copywriting in German

I can craft copy, commercial texts, presentations, press releases, essays, drafts, reports, and book reviews for your German customers based on your instructions.

Member of the German and American Federal Associations of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ, ATA)

Benefits of cooperating with me

Looking for a translator who is experienced, reliable, meticulous and highly professional? Then look no further!

Stylistic and linguistic expertise

As a translator, I bring interesting facts and figures, opinions and insight to people of a different language and culture.

Technical expertise in business, finance, marketing, PR, HR

My aim is to show people that economics and finance are not dull and tedious – they are the substance we all live on.

Free thinking and enthusiastic cooperation

I see myself as the German voice of my clients, their plans, visions and ideas. I love languages, not just per se but above all because I also love people.

Check out my business translation services

A translation does so much more than a good computer program– it captures the meaning and re-creates all the facets and emotion of the original text. With commercial texts in particular, this means localizing a marketing message for your German clients.

Business translation services

You do business with German-speaking clients and companies? Then it is essential that they understand fully your mission, your strategy, your agreements and your products – in their own language.


Marketing translation services

You supply high quality, state-of-the-art products and want to sell them in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland? Then let’s get down to business!


Financial translation services

Financial translation is about figures, of course, and about how to interpret them. Let me translate your financial statements into German – precisely and with competence.


Legal translation services

Whether you have a contract, an insurance policy, a joint venture agreement or some legal correspondence that have to be translated correctly and discreetly – you can place your trust in me.


Tourism translation services

“Have a great trip” –Let me translate your marketing materials for conventions and fairs, hotel websites, and travel magazines into German.


Human resources translation services

Not only make a good one-to-one translation but at first try to feel what your recruiting needs and requirements are and how I can best help you to find the right staff.


Website translation services

Planning to take your ideas and products online? You’d like to convey them to a German audience? Let my website translation be your first step to international success.


Ecommerce and online shop translation services

If you want to sell your articles online, to German speaking customers, use my translation and localization services.


Book translation services

Send me your manuscript, and I will translate it into fluent, elegant German. You will reach readers who, without my translation, would never have heard of you!


How does a translator work?

Many of my clients have only a very vague idea. Let me explain the typical workflow of a translation.

  1. The client wants to publish a text or a whole project consisting of texts from English or French into German, asks me for a quote by e-mail or via the “Quote” form on my website. To do this, I need to look at a text sample and to know the total number of words, purpose and target group, and deadline.
  2. I take a careful look at the job requirements and if I am available and have the necessary expertise in the subject, I submit a quote plus VAT.
  3. Once the price and any other terms and conditions have been agreed, the client places a written order together with all applicable terms and conditions – and provides the text, of course.
  4. I start translating. I generally use SDL Trados Studio, a translation tool which separates the source text from the layout and, once the translation work has been completed, puts target text and layout back together. SDL Trados Studio also helps me find technical terms which I may have translated years ago and check the finished translation.
  5. I read and check my German translation thoroughly for grammar, spelling, etc., and then finish it off, i.e. I let SDL Trados generate the target file in the original layout.
  6. I look through the German target file and adapt the layout if necessary.
  7. I e-mail the target file (and my invoice) to the client and wait for their acknowledgement of receipt.

Recent projects from my portfolio

See what happens when your German text comes alive.

Want to know more?

Here is list of works which I have translated.

Clients’ testimonials

What my clients say about me and my work.

It is always a pleasure to work with Tilmann because of his experience and professionalism. More than once, he was the only one in a team of translators to come up with what turned out to be the correct solution to a nasty translation problem. And what’s important these days (unfortunately): his pricing is very reasonable.
Wouter van den Berg
Owner,, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr. Kleinau makes those books even more worth reading through his excellent translations. We are really happy to have found him as translator.
Hildegard Brendel
Editor, Börsenmedien AG, Kulmbach, Germany
Tilmann is a very reliable, conscientious and skilled colleague. Working with him has been a pleasant experience, which I would like to repeat anytime!
Gert Sass
Freelance translator, Mannheim, Germany
Very professional provider, friendly and prompt communication, high quality work and attention to detail. Highly recommended.
Veerle Vanderplasschen
Absolute Translations, Brisbane, Australia
Professional, punctual and good quality work. I hope we can work together again soon. Highly recommended.
Andrzeji Kaznowski
Kaznowski & Associates, Poland

Request for quotation

Take the first step to grow your business using my professional business translation services.

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  • type of text
  • kind of work required (translating from … into… or copy-writing or proofreading or editing)
  • stylistic level
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